Central Illinois Transition

Serving Peoria, Tazewell, Mason and Woodford Counties

Welcome to the Central Illinois Transition Planning Committee’s website. The Central Illinois Transition Planning Committee, created by dual Federal and State legislation, has served the central Illinois area since 1990, providing assistance to parents, teachers, students and community members to connect with resources to help students with disabilities transition from secondary education to adult life. Our Central Illinois Transition Planning Committee strives to identify needs and resources for transition and promote public awareness. We desire involvement from every possible entity which could affect and assist our youth’s transition goals.

A Transition Planning Committee (TPC) is a consortium of local members of schools, agencies, not-for-profit organizations, parents of children with disabilities, students with disabilities, and other stakeholders that band together to improve the transition life-cycle from high school to a successful adult life.

The purpose of the Central Illinois Transition Planning Committee is to ensure a smooth and effective transition throughout the lives of persons with disabling conditions. This is accomplished through: developing and maintaining a partnership with students, special educators, parents and adult service providers; developing strong, cooperative working relationships among providers, businesses and the community; identifying and filling gaps in services, needs, and resources, and promoting public awareness of the transition processes.

Central Illinois Transition Website Flyer (5).pdf

Transition Flyer

This flyer gives information about what CITransition services can offer and how to access the website for more resources. 

Teachers and administrators, this is something that would be great to add as an attachment to the IEP.